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            Thank you for your purchase of the Kracker Jax Revealed Trilogy.
         The Trilogy is a compilation of our three separate Kracker Jax
         Revealed books, Volumes 1 - 3. These books were individually
         released over a period of two years, and represent countless hours
         of investigation.

            We've condensed Volumes One and Two into one book, while Volume
         Three continues to be a separate book. All are included with your
         purchase of the Trilogy.

            The Kracker Jax Revealed series represents the best compilation
         of this type of material ever assembled. The 3 Volumes were put
         together from a mountain of raw data that was the end result of
         years of hands on experience by people who were masters of the
         craft of unlocking the mysteries of copy protection.

            Inside these pages, you'll find the knowledge that will give you
         the power to take complete control over your software. The step by
         step instructions and detailed explanations have all been designed
         to pass along years of practical experience to you in a very short
         amount of time. Once you've finished the Revealed Trilogy, you may
         want to read other similar material. You'll find our specific
         recommendations listed under "Books For Further Reading" in the
         Table Of Contents.

            The path to knowledge is a rewarding one. We hope you enjoy the

            K.J. REVEALED TRILOGY    PAGE [1]      (C)1990 K.J.P.B.

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