Internet Protocol Design and Implementation

My goal with this page is to document the design and implementation of TCP/IP with some important highlights from news, mailing lists, and papers. As I have worked on IP issues, I've found this personal list of links useful and wanted to make sure that this archive survives. Some of these documents have become difficult to obtain. There is a lot of sage advice here as well as humor. The best way to prove someone wrong is to do what they say is impossible.

All papers and talks are compressed with gzip. To view the postscript files, print them out or use ghostview.

Some of the impetus for this work came from Greg Chesson's statement at the Phoenix USENIX that `the way TCP and IP are designed, it's impossible to make them go fast'. On hearing this, I lept to my feet to protest but decided that saying "I think you're wrong" wasn't going to change anybody's mind about anything.
-- Van Jacobson




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